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The eye has it


This is an eye someone could get lost in, and never find their way back.

I’m mostly happy with the eyelash reflection on the lens. What do you think?

[EDIT] In light of the conversation below, here’s the color version. Click for full size.

color version of eye photo




  1. This kind of freaked me out because of the detail of the photo. From the veins to the water you can see in the eye. I like how the eyelash reflection was caught and although being really close, this is a pretty clear shot. Nice.

    • It’s hard to get a shot this close in perfect focus. I was actually trying to focus on the pupil, not the reflection, but as you can see, it was the reflection my auto-focus locked on to. 🙂

  2. amazing picture of the human eye, even the red visible veins on the eyeball

  3. amazing picture. I love the eyelash reflexion.


  4. I did not like the picture of poor quality

  5. A child’s eyes are very innocent and I really like what you’ve written up there. We can indeed get lost with how they stare, so pure and so sincere. 🙂 I love your photo, and yes I love the reflection of the eyelashes! 😀

  6. I love the eyelash reflection. So clear and I think it turned out great. Did you shoot this in black and white?

    • oops. I meant to say -Did you shoot this in black and white or edit it into this format?

    • Hi, Amy. No, I always shoot in color. It’s so easy to convert to black and white, but impossible to go the other direction. I usually use B&W when it feels like the contrast it provides will make for a better image.

  7. Eye is very important for our camera… Our eye can help us to find right angle of picture and then eye of our camera will take that picture… Actually on Eye theme you can take so many different kinds of picture.. and all images of Eyes will be attractive.. here again I can say that you did good job and good caption you had given to your image.. keep it up…

  8. I had a nasty eye infection last week – you don’t want a close up on that sucker !

    Nice pic.

  9. Chelsea says:

    Oh, wow! This is intense. I’m not sure I like being this close to someone’s eyeball! But it is a really creative shot. I noticed you said that you shot this in color, I bet that was an interesting shot as well!

    • I went back and took another look – I really don’t care for the color version much. B&W wins in this case.

      The red/blue/skin tones just work better in the more contrasty look of black and white.

      • Chelsea says:

        Interesting! I guess skin probably isn’t very pretty up that close anyway, lol. Thanks for entertaining my curiosity.

        • It’s a good question… I took one more stab at it, and uploaded the color version to the post so you can see my “best” version of that photo in color.

          I think the editing is half the battle… I almost never alter the composition of my photos. In other words, I don’t take away items that are there, or add things in. That’s not to say I don’t edit the photos. Color temperature, tint, saturation, contrast, etc… those items are all fair game.

  10. It is amazing how different the colored one is from the black and white. I think that I like the black and white best.

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