Two Chickens

I think this is a photo of Count Manadnock and Chuckley Shortbus… at least, I think that’s who it is, but it could be Fraulein Maria. Or Boomerang. Heck, it could be Stumpy McMuffin. The ISO Browns all look alike to me.


  1. I love their names and the fact that you’ve named them all. They seem very calm for having a camera so close to them.

  2. I always get confused. So are hens also chickens, but called hens because they’re male?

  3. I really do like the calm atmosphere, and the way both hens are positioned.

  4. Duh-I knew that about roosters and thanks for the clarification. Anyways, great picture!

  5. Uri Sheinbaum says:

    Great photo of the hens. A sense of calmness to them and I like the one in the back peeking his head out like he wanted some camera time.

    • That hen in the background is why you saw THIS photo, and not one of the other 15 or so I took. I thought she looked great peaking out. 😀

  6. How are the chickens doing? P.S : Can you help me make a new email address?

  7. I love all of those names, too cute! Do they ever answer to them? 😉

  8. The one in the back looks like it is giving you the eye. Makes me chuckle.

  9. Chuckley Shortbus? Is that really the name of a chicken? I love it! I think chickens oftentimes look, well…dumb. But this picture makes me feel like the chicken is thinking about the outside, longing to be free.

  10. I look at this picture and all I can think of is that those feathers are what my pillow is made of. Think this that I might need some more coffee so I can stop thinking about my pillows.

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