New Beginnings


I chose this photo of someone making something because it’s time to make something new. The jeweler is adding a charm to a bracelet. I, on the other hand, am up way past bed time futzing at my computer, trying to get this thing to work. I think I’m mostly there. It’s possible you’ll have to deal with an ugly home page for a day or two… but in the end, I think the new look will be well worth it.

Thanks for stopping by on the day I accidentally relaunched the Web site! What do you think?


  1. I like it! I like how you added the slideshow of your photography. Great job!

  2. I don’t mind the homepage. I’m anxious to see the final product. I’ll keep checking back! Good luck 🙂

    • The home page was fixed by the time you stopped by. When I first posted this, instead of a photo that rotated, it was a big empty black space. All fixed!

  3. Good photo of something new

  4. I like it! Photo and new site layout. Great job.

  5. Liewilyn Baynosa says:

    cool photo man… if you have time to write some cool stuff about photography just ping me back ayt…. ganda nang mga kuha…
    Job well done.

    • Thanks, Liewilyn. I’ll probably take you up on that in the future… for now, I’m still tied up in customizing this site. Once that’s done, I will have more time for content creation.

  6. What charm is getting added on?

  7. Sanjeev Awasthi says:

    Good shot, like the composition.

  8. Hey James,
    The new site looks great to me! My site is long overdue for a redesign, so I applaud your efforts, haha. Did you design the theme yourself?

    • Ryan! How goes it? Long time since I’ve touched base.

      I don’t have the skills to start from scratch. 😉 I’m running j.ronald.lee on the Genesis engine from StudioPress. I started with their Landscape theme, but have gone a long way from where it started. I’m probably up around 75 modifications by now, and counting. Once you get started, it’s hard to stop sometimes.

      It’s a tribute to their tutorials and support forum staff that I’ve been able to do what I want to do. I’ve never been told, “that’s out of scope, hire a developer.”

      I was previously running a Woo!Themes install (and still are using their stuff at Flickr MSH. The first edits are much easier with Woo!, but it’s not that hard to go beyond the out-of-the-box customizations, and I couldn’t get quite what I wanted with their themes (plus, they only sell in bundles, so when they come up with a new one, you have to pay for three to get it).

      • It goes well! Who would have thought I’d be so busy after moving, haha.

        I haven’t used the Genesis theme before, but I have heard nothing but good things about the theme itself, and their support staff. As I mentioned before, I really like the new look of your site.

        My problem with redesigning my site is getting around to starting it, haha. I am the same way though, once I start working on a project for myself, I never can seem to stop.

  9. Studiopress is great source for photo blog and I’m going to buy one of those themes for my self too. If you want to stand out from the mass you have to invest something extra to your site. It’s just the mentality that everything you should get for free when using free platforms like wordpress. Big pictures are great for this theme you have and it looks professional too.

    • Agree that you get what you pay for, Sam.

      I’ve used StudioPress, Woo Themes, and Thesis. If I were starting a photo blog from scratch, I’d probably use Woo’s new theme Statua. It’s pretty amazing right out of the box with no customization. Unfortunately, it uses custom post types for the photos, so for someone like me with over 300 entries, it wouldn’t work.

      I’m loving what I can do with StudioPress and Genesis… but it has required a boat load of customization to get exactly what I want. I’m still not quite there… but soon. 😀

  10. Dr. George Suarez says:

    I think it is worth it, your homepage looks modern and clean. I’m going to be honest, I was surprised that your homepage loaded rather quickly considering that you have a huge slideshow(which I think is very nice) in the middle of the page. Very impressive.

  11. Amazing detail! I really enjoy that you can see the different color of flames.

  12. Heather Smith says:

    I think its a good sign that you are trying to fix something for the better, hope you will succeed in doing it , keep posted!

  13. I am a bit of pyro so anything involving fire – including pictures – I like! Lol. But I really think your site is wonderful, nice and clean, easy to get around, I don’t always think more is always better and I think you’ve found the perfect blend of having enough info and content and not over-cluttering things.

  14. Your new look is nice….more success to you. 🙂

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