llamaI don’t know what to say about this photo… but it makes me laugh every time I see it, so here we go.

Got tooth decay?


  1. Jane Cooper says:

    Llamas are realy nice animals, my friends have farm and few llamas and they are just too awesome!!!

    • Tomas Andresson says:

      Thats funny I got some friends with farm they also got about six llamas they are truley hilarious animals.

  2. Reminds me of an ad in the newspaper around Valentines – nothing says love like a llama! 🙂

  3. Excellent photo man. You just have to luv those lips!

  4. Hahah! He looks so soft and fuzzy. So did you get to see any other teeth?

  5. Just…one tooth. 🙂 This makes me smile too. Was it eating or curious what was in front of its face?

  6. We have to remember that even animals need their teeth cleaned 🙂 He’s so cute! How is there just one tooth, smack dab in the middle?

  7. Awww…he’s fuzzy and cute! I like seeing the llamas at the local zoo. Is that where you took this?

    • No, this was taken at a farm near my house. I’m not sure why they have llamas, but they added two this year.

      We go there to buy fresh lettuce, tomatoes, peas in the early summer, and corn should be ripe soon.

  8. Remember to brush and floss your llama’s teeth AT LEAST twice a day…

  9. Uri Sheinbaum says:

    Looks like that tooth can soon be someone’s souvenir from the zoo. I love how close you got where we can see the holes in the tooth.

  10. My best friend is petrified of llamas because one try to bite her when she was younger. This photo however, makes them look so innocent. How could you be scared of a llama with one tooth? Great photo.

  11. Don’t they look like donkeys? Or are they donkeys in English? I am not sure.

  12. I wanted a llama as a kid! My grandmother got me a llama stuffed animal that was real llama hair; it was SUPER soft. If only they didn’t spit on everything…and I didn’t live in the city. lol

  13. Mathilde says:

    Hilarious! It looks as if he only ha one tooth!

  14. AHAHAH! Thanks for the Friday laugh. His tooth is so funny and the fact that it’s only ONE! Great “up close and personal” photo.

  15. Valentin says:

    Really cool photo…Last saturday was in the zoo and fed them)

    • Yeesh! I’d be afraid they were going to spit on me.

      I’ve never actually seen a llama spit, but the last time I visited this one, I took my dog, and it was making noises like it was going to spit any second…

    • Yea they have some at a park we call Maymont in Virginia, they are funny, and are known to smile, my nephew sent me a pict on my phone, wish i was savvy enough to download it to my pc. lol

  16. LOL! Remind of a cartoon movie… eerr I forgot the title. Nice one James haha!

  17. Reminds me of Mr. Ed, but llama. Great photo of the fuzziness of this creature and his special tooth 😉

  18. Too funny, it is cute with only one tooth.

  19. I can’t help but look at the again it makes me giggle so much.

  20. Dr. George Suarez says:

    Nice picture, I hope the llama didn’t spit on your camera for getting that close. They rarely spit on people but they do spit a lot on other llamas which I find very funny but gross at the same time.

  21. LOL. That is so cute! I love llamas, or is it an alpaca?

  22. Funny and cute! But what it that?

  23. May look goofy here. But llamas are very social and intelligent.
    Some play the role of guard and protect livestock.
    They bond pretty well with their charges, sheep and goats.
    Great pic.

  24. This is just adorable. Pinned this on Pinterest.

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