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On the Prowl

on the prowl

A photo of Muffet – cat on the prowl.


  1. Walking home from work, i see at least 5 cats on the way. They are forever on the prowl. It’s funny to see this picture after just thinking about these cats I’ll see again on my soon to be walk home after work. Though, sometimes they come out of no where and aren’t as calm looking as the one in this photo.

  2. Jane Cooper says:

    I have two cats but they are not home pets, they are half-wild so when they are on the prowl they get back to home after 2-3 days, i’m really worried if they are ok but fortunatelly nothing happend them yet.

    • We lost a cat about a year ago… no idea what got her, but there are quite a few predators in the area, so no telling. It could have been a fisher-cat, a fox, a coyote… etc.

  3. Amazing how you’ve captured the whole cattyness of a cat with just a shot of the feet. If I loose yourself in the image a bit then I cna imagine it’s a big game cat and I’m about to be pounced upon!

    Great Shot.

  4. Uh oh…black cat passing! I’m not a fan of cats, but do respect their characteristic of independency. Would love to have seen his face. Did you get any?

  5. Wonder where he was going. I see that you captured him pretty still so I guess he was on a slow hunt? πŸ™‚ What was he going for?

  6. I’m always the person that tries to walk side-by-side with a black cat and not let it cross my path. How do you live with one and not have bad luck!? I have a cat, but it’s not an outdoor one; here in LA, I’m certain it would get ran over!

    • Yeah, LA would be a rough town for an outdoor cat. We live out in the country, so it’s wild animals, not cars, that I worry about.

      He’s not ALWAYS free from bad luck. Once he got lost for almost three months…

  7. I agree with Renee, I’m definitely not a cat person and somewhat believe the superstition of a black cat passing. It kind of freaks me out, and I know you captured this cat and his whole presence well because simply looking at it gives me the creeps! When’s the next dog picture?

  8. Love the selective focus effect, it really draws attention to the paws! Is that a Tilt and Shift lens or post production?

    • Neither, actually. Just a wide open aperture (f/2.8), and a lucky shot. I saw him coming, I was holding the camera, so I laid down on the ground and started pushing the trigger.

  9. I have a black cat so this picture really reminds me of her. She not only thinks she’s the boss of me, but she also things she owns the block. She goes in and out the house as she pleases and walks around. I can only imagine her “on the prowl,” just like in this picture.

  10. I like how you captured him without any blurs. He must have been walking slow enough for you to catch him at the right moment. Or maybe he saw you coming and cats being cautious creatures, he programmed herself to slow down. Nice photo.

  11. I see that he “stepped on a crack.” Hope that didn’t “break his mother’s back.”

  12. Nice and clear snaps taken by you, I think he take a caution after seeing you.

  13. lucky but beautiful. thanks for sharing

  14. cameron says:

    All that black looks like my cat Mr. P short for Pantera. I bet you Muffet has beautiful eyes. Great work as usual.

  15. I love how he is so still for this photo. I still have the superstition about black cats. Do you experience any bad luck with Muffet?

  16. George Suarez says:

    I often see cats on prowl and its also a bit surprising that the people around the world are superstitious about black cats, I’m just surprised at people from different countries believe in one superstition. Cats are lovely creatures but I can’t tolerate litters.

  17. From this angle Muffet looks like a big cat and reminds me of the Wizard of Oz story just because he is on a brick path.

  18. Dianna Day says:

    I have a cat, but it’s not an outdoor one; here in LA, I’m certain it would get ran over! I can only imagine her β€œon the prowl,” just like in this picture. lucky but beautiful.

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