Mothers’ Day Haikus

For Mom

Happy Mothers’ Day
To the one who first loved me
I didn’t do it!!!

For Claire

To my beloved
Today we celebrate you
Here, watch me vacuum

To my cousins

Do you remember?
Your mother said it feared ME.
Lies. That goose bites HARD.

To military moms

I can’t imagine
The courage you must possess
Blessings to you all

One more for Mom

I hope your day is
As beautiful as you are
With love, your son James


  1. Jane Cooper says:

    totally forgot about it…
    I hope my mother will forgive me…

  2. The Haiku to your wife is my favorite. Adorable, sweet and funny in seventeen syllables. Did you get a good response? Trading photography for poetry?

  3. Stephanie says:

    Aww..the one to Claire is precious. Makes me picture you with your vacuum in hand and your eyes big saying ” Wanna watch me?”. It’s admiring how you enjoy photography and poems. I saw your post about “A Light in the Attic” book- It’s been so long since I heard about that book again!

  4. That’s so sweet! Now, only if my boyfriend would be romantic and thoughtful with these poems. It’s been a while since I wrote a Haiku. 5-7-5.

  5. The “For Claire,” is actually really sweet, in a funny way. My siblings woke up really early Mother’s Day morning and cleaned the whole house and made breakfast. When my mom woke up, she was the happiest woman.

  6. George Suarez says:

    I agree, the one to Claire sounds so loving, just the perfect lines moms would want to hear everyday and not just on a Mothers Day 🙂 Still, special actions are usually preserved for special days such as daddy vacuuming though not something unusual.

  7. haha! to the cousins is funny… nice poem, well thought out yet humorous!

  8. Wow,
    Seen many poems and Articles on Mothers day. But Seeing Haikus for first time. Thank you

  9. Haha ,, Well Written Poem. I agree with the jason’s comment, its humorous one as well. Thanks You.

  10. Well Moms are the best, I luv my Mom. Happy Mother’s Day .

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