Gray Tree Frog (hyla versicolor)

Gray Tree Frog

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This image got a lot of buzz on Flickr when I posted it, which was fun. It’s been viewed over 1,200 times as of this writing, which for me, is a lot. Before this, I think my most viewed photo was a throw-away shot of some red Tretorn boots, which I don’t really care for, but has been used on more blogs than I can keep track of.

This is a gray tree frog, or hyla versicolor. Beautiful yellow on the inside of its legs (you can just see a bit on its left back leg in this photo). Lovely fingers – made for climbing, not swimming. When I moved my hand around it would simply climb back to where it was perching instead of hanging beneath my finger. It was quite the mellow frog. Maybe most fun was being able to feel each of its finger tips as it gripped me. I released it next to a birch tree where it completely disappeared without moving. Lovely¬†camouflage, even its eyes blend in to its surroundings. I’ve never seen one before, but this one had wandered onto a blue tarp, making it very easy for Claire to spot.

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