Happy Easter

Easter Tulips

Some simple tulips in a basket.

Happy Easter!


  1. Great picture. I had fun this weekend even made Easter eggs and I don’t have kids. I did it for photo’s~!

  2. This is beautiful! I love the use of the black background which is in sharp contrast to the deep red of the tulips.

  3. I absolutely love the colors of Spring. Yesterday we had tulips galore in our house- in practically every color! They almost look fuchsia, not red though.

  4. Jane Cooper says:

    Did you use some black background or just deep was so dark?

  5. Beautiful photo!

  6. Liewilyn Baynosa says:

    When you sharpen the contrast it makes more realistic… Awesome style…

  7. The colours of the tulips really jump out from the background – nice work. Hope everyone had a happy Easter : )

  8. Beautiful image, which may be associated may be not directly with Easter, but with smth romantic and smooth, personal event, or even a marriage 🙂

  9. Joe Le Merou says:

    Nice DOF !
    And great colors.
    Well done…

  10. How cute! I can’t wait for next Easter, I’ve just started gardening and the flowers should be coming in nicely by then think I’m going to do baskets like this for my family.

  11. Gorgeous flowers! I love Easter baskets – although mine are usually filled with chocolate and those Peepz candies. 😉

  12. This is my favorite flower. Wonderful picture of them.

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