Earth Day 2011

Earth Day

Much as I’d like to discuss Earth Day with you, I think I’ll turn the power to this computer off instead (and then go to bed).

While I certainly played with the exposure a bit, this shot is not Photoshopped at all. I actually made the floating light bulb with an old extension cord and other assorted bits and pieces. Don’t try this at home, kids…

Photo ©2011 J. Ronald Lee – All Rights Reserved.


  1. Excellent self portrait James! Another talent. You are the “Jack of All Trades”! LOL

  2. James Moralde says:

    If it did not happen to fall on earth day, I would have liked ‘How to make a bulb float in mid-air’ as the title of this post. Thankfully, I’m no longer a kid, so I could definitely try this at home. However, I think I’ll take the way with the least work required and the least risk of electrocution: Photoshop. 🙂

  3. Given the overall cool factor of this shot, I officially forgive you for the mess you left in the basement.

  4. Jane Cooper says:

    I think your face is a little to dark but great idea for picture “i’ve go an idea!” ;d

    • That was with 1,000 watts of halogen lights blasting me in the face, too! I really struggled to balance the bulb and my face. Not sure there would be a way to really do it except in photo shop.

  5. That is really cool. How did you manage to get the power source to the bulb without it getting picked up in the photograph. Nice!

    • The power source extends behind the bulb.

      Column – power on a rod – bulb, with me underneath. Something like this:


  6. My family and I went to go watch African Cats on Earth day. I believe this day is important and should be a day every month or even everyday. We waste so much energy in a day. You mentioned how you turned off your computer and it definitely adds to a healthier and greener world. BTW, that photo is so cool! You did that with an extension cord?

  7. You should really think about selling that to someone who has a need for the light bulb going off. This photo is great as far as lighting and composition is concerned. At what setting on your camera did you have it?

  8. Liewilyn Baynosa says:

    Oh! c’mon.. are you practicing your telekinesis talent? hehehe another great image here Einstein.

  9. Selina says:

    So you powered the light bulb with bare wires on the old extension cord?
    It really is a great shot. I would like to see more black around you with a couple items to give a sense of the depth.
    I think I will get hubby off the couch to help me set something like this up (:


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