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This beauty is one of the shop dogs at Eyelook Optical (we showed you Lulu in the past, and Claire’s boots, too). Funny how I end up lying on the ground in Patty’s store…

Claire and I both picked up a pair a really cool frames by Seraphin while we were there. I’ll try to do them justice in the near future. In the mean time, here’s Shiloh. She’s a total sweetie. She didn’t even mind me lying on the floor with her.


  1. Well, who can resist a face like that? My grandpa once told me that dogs actually respond better when you’re on the same level as them. Being that they’re a “dominant” species, I guess it shows a certain type of respect as opposed to standing above them and trying to intimidate them. That, and it’s more convenient for petting, I think.

  2. Yeah, I think they like to see you eye to eye. She’s such a sweetie, she makes it easy.

  3. Cute dog, although she looks kinda sad. Maybe she was hungry 🙂 I never understood why cats are considered to be smarter than dogs. Look at her expression..

  4. the focus exactly defines the shot!

  5. Jane Cooper says:

    She is soooo sweet, i love taking pictures of my dogs, i think main part of pictures on my Hdd is with my dogs ;d
    I’ve got right now 6 month caucasian shepherd and 14 years old german shepherd. How old is she??

  6. Such clever eyes! So much wisdom inside! And you managed to deliver this through your photo!

  7. My dog gives me the same exact stare when he’s tired and I’m on the floor with him. However, as Labradors, how can they resist attention? This is really an adorable face. I just want to pet Lulu.

  8. so sweet! What’s her breed? I like how you captured her lying on the floor. I love that innocent sweet look with your shiloh. Oh! it makes me miss my swooshie too!

  9. Liewilyn Baynosa says:

    hmmmm sweet doggie dog

  10. She’s so photogenic 🙂 My neighbor has a chocolate lab and she loves it when we take pictures of her too. I wonder if they were models in a previous lifetime..lol.

  11. This is definitely a peaceful and calm photo of her. I love to see dogs at their laziest because mine tires me out and love it when she has no energy to move an inch. Wonder what other customers thought of the sight of you on the ground. lol.

  12. I wouldn’t mind laying on the floor with Shiloh either. Great photo. I love your commitment to a good photo.

  13. Lovely shot and beautiful dog. The different view of being at the same level with the dog really helps make images more powerful and interesting.

  14. Aawwww what a cutie! She’s very cooperative to let you get this shot of her lol. Great shot too btw, I just want to reach out and pet her!

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