Can you hear me now?


Nothing so important about today’s post. I just liked the way the ridges turned out in the cone of this speaker, so I’m sharing the image.

I took this photo at dusk in a room that is all window, so the blue you see is what was reflected from the sky outside.


  1. Now that’s so cool, an album cover in the making 😉

  2. That must have been a pretty night sky, then. I like that you can still see the fine details in the speaker itself, even though it’s not completely focused on it. What type of camera was this photo taken on?

  3. This is a really cool photo. Have you thought about doing one with it vibrating? I think that with the clarity your camera has, the results would really be something!

  4. Jane Cooper says:

    I really like how surface of membrane looks also this blue reflect looks great, really nice photo i would use it to some website about music or for audiophiles.

  5. That is very creative man…sure can be an album cover. I have some creative ideas too..Should i suggest??

  6. Looks cool. In this modern world of sometimes almost sterile digital sound, there is something sexy about loudspeakers (and vinyl/turntables – but that’s another story). I remember screen-printing myself a t shirt years ago with the picture of a speaker stack from a concert sound system, so I have had this fetish a long time : )

  7. I like the details on the cone. Nicely done.

  8. It’s the angle that changes the way cone of this speaker looks. Like the shot!

  9. You should do that – but with a morning sun rise. Wow, that would be awesome. 🙂

  10. Liewilyn Baynosa says:

    Give me some beat with that. 😀

  11. Very cool. I think you caught it in the right light so it didn’t wash out the lines. You should try one when it’s playing so you can capture the vibrations of the speaker. What type of camera/lens do you use?

  12. I agree with Karen up there in the first comment – this could totally be an album cover!!

  13. Isn’t that whats so god with bogs. Everything does no have to be that important. 🙂
    And it’t always nice with pictures.

  14. That is definitely not look like a speaker, you made a shot in many angles and it is really perfect. You are such a talented one, you made it perfect keep it up!

  15. Buford Heidgerken says:

    I love that speaker photo, wow it looks not like a speaker one. I never seen a photo like this before, it would be nice if it has a light colors behind but then it looks great!

  16. Nice picture! Looks a bit like my carspeaker!

  17. That is truly a wonderful picture which should be the cover of an album or be hanging on the wall 🙂

  18. I am always amazed to see how great light can create deep in a picture! This is one of the times! Great picture!

  19. Can I say that your picture has one of the most amazing focuses I have ever seen! 😀

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