Tree, Sky



As always, click to enlarge.Β Here in New England, everything is gray and grimy. It’s late February, the ugly side of winter.

Back in New Mexico, the skies still know how to share blue, and even though it’s winter, there is still some warmth to be found.


  1. I like living in the southwest because even the dirt is red so there’s something to look at even when there’s no leaves.

  2. Although the climat is terrible that was two beutiful piuctures

  3. What a gorgeous looking blue sky, a lovely backdrop to the golden colours of the leaves πŸ˜‰

  4. The same could be thought for Los Angeles, but not exactly today. I’m over the unpredictable weather, I don’t know about you. Didn’t the Ground Hog NOT see his shadow; where’s Spring?

  5. James Moralde says:

    My Rebel T2i couldn’t output this amazing blue without a little re-touch. Did you use some filters here?

  6. I like the second shot especially – the blue is stunning. Winter isn’t as bad when you have skies like these…

  7. The weather there is wonderful in comparison to where I live, in Romania. It is snowing for two days straight! Temperatures are well below 0 Celsius. I envy you! πŸ™‚

  8. Again I see that a real master can see beauty in very simple things and even grey February can be impressive.

  9. Alec Rowan says:

    the top one looks like it is in the middle of autumn

  10. Alec Rowan says:

    I live in florida, where the trees all are green and nice and it is all sunny and the sky is blue

  11. Love New England grew up there, but I don’t miss the winters too cold grey. Alex is right top tree did not drop its leaves it looks like Autumn

  12. Liewilyn Baynosa says:

    I love the peacefulness on the photo…

  13. Uri Sheinbaum says:

    Although the branches are bare (or filled with dead leaves), there’s a sense of peace to them. I think it’s the color of the sky, but the combination looks great.

  14. Even though the colors seem so simple, they are actually quite a complex blend with the blue sky and the brown leaves. Love it!!!

  15. Avril Berretta says:

    The picture of the Tree and the sky is quite awesome and it is perfectly shot, very refreshing and good to look on very simple but terrible.

  16. Hello.
    These are great pictures. I usually never get the opportunity to see things like this as I live in an area with almost no trees. Thanks for posting.

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