Cottonwood and stars

stars and cottonwood

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This photo really needs to be bigger to appreciate it. I’m happy with how it turned out. I took it while traveling, visiting my parents in New Mexico. I spent my high school years in a room that received evening shade from that tree. This night in particular it looked beautiful, and I really enjoyed the way the light of the porch light up the branches.


  1. James Moralde says:

    Yeah, first thought I had was ‘nicely lit’.

  2. I’m quite smitten with that picture ~ do you remember that tree got bores and was oozing sap something terrible and the county extension agent said it would die… your dad had me spray the bore holes with bleach water several times a day for the whole summer; it not only survived but thrived.
    really nice photo ~ thanks for the memories :))

  3. I miss the days when I could see as many stars as that. Living in the big city, you don’t get to see them- and it makes you that much more sick for a little bit of darkness. How were you able to capture as many stars as you had considering that there was obviously light shining (evidence from the tree)?

    • If you go there, you might be more amazed at how many stars I didn’t capture. For this image, I tried to manually lower the exposure to tone the tree down, then took the twilight sky and darkened it to allow the stars to be seen. Without taking multiple shots, one exposed for the tree and one for the stars, then merging them together, it would be really hard to show more stars.

  4. it’s a very nice picture yo take, i’m still new on photography and need to learn much from everywhere.. thanks to share the ideas

  5. Hi the picture with the try and the sky is lovely 🙂

  6. What I really like about this picture is the focus on the branches which seems very sharp. The picture impressed me at a first glance because it seemed for a second like algae in water. Intriguing. Well done.

  7. Nice. I don’t know why but like the previous poster it almost looked like an underwater shot at first, maybe it is the deep blue. Good stuff.

  8. Great pic and sky! I’m jealous because we dont get this sky in Sweden! Always dark..

  9. Simple shot. But I like it. Makes you want to keep gazing into the sky.

  10. Liewilyn Baynosa says:

    I love the way you captured the sky and the tree it’s lovely…

  11. That is definitely simply amazing! I miss the moment watching stars above with my friends at the rooftop it is really beautiful.

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