Star Trail Video

I don’t normally share videos here, but thought something different would be appropriate. This is from a failed attempt at star trails. It was too cloudy, and the camera actually overheated toward the end (437 shots at 30 seconds will do that if it’s not cold enough outside).


  1. I like it anyway. The clouds add to it. 😉

  2. This is some beautiful time lapse photography, where were you? It looks like it was shot in the western hemisphere.

  3. Robert – that’s spot on. I’m in New Hampshire.

  4. nevermind the clouds, good video)

  5. 437 shots? What kind of batteries do you use? I have some Sanyos and they heat up as hell after 20-30 pictures…

  6. I have to agree the clouds actually add to it. Nice try at it though. Maybe next time you try it with the milky way in it.

  7. makes me dizzy… lol… but really nice. I didn’t realize those were clouds at first, they went by so fast. Nice 🙂

  8. I agree that the clouds make a nice addition, however this isn’t really trails since it is a video, but nonetheless nice work!

  9. Yes, that’s true. I called it a star trail video because I took these photos with the intention of converting them into a star trail photo. Because of the clouds, I turned them into a time lapse video instead.

  10. wow great 472 shots for 30 seconds, but id like to now how long did take to do 472 shots..

  11. It may have been a failed attempt, but the video is still pretty cool. I like it.

    Nice work, James.

  12. Thanks!

  13. Wow James this is amazing footage, five hours was worth it!

  14. Oliver Foxley says:

    We’ve all seen star trails done in a way that is deemed ‘correct’ but what is ‘correct’ about art. You have something unique with this video. The fail and the fcat that you title it as a failed attempt makes it more appealing to me as artist myself. There are lots of trends out there with people following others and all trying to achieve the same thing, why not break the mould as you have done here, the video says more about the process of making the final composition than the ‘perfect’ versions could ever do. Thumbs up from me! 🙂

  15. what a fantastic trail video thanks for sharing
    keep posting 🙂

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