Star trail photo

One of the 400 plus shots taken to comprise the video I posted here a few days ago, the first ninety minutes worth were all taken before any clouds rolled in. Here are 137 photos merged using the excellent (and free) stacking program startrails. Each shot taken with a Nikon D90 with a NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8 lens. Taken at f/1.8, ISO 200, 39 second exposures (one second in between each shot).


  1. Great picture !
    I really have to work on night long exposure photo 🙂

  2. Nice! For me it’s a beautiful shot. Reminds me that the world has so much mysteries left unseen. And in photos like this, I am confounded by the mystery but at the same falling in love with it.

  3. Mateusz Maksymiuk says:

    What a beautiful photo of our universe. One can be wondering: Does our planet earth is spinning – or maybe Earth is still but the rest of universe is rotating…

  4. Find the center and the balance in this picture….!! Looks great…very artistic! just look it deeply and you may see it!! Thanks for sharing this ..

  5. I love the night photos! I need to do some more of this!

  6. This is a great photo! Not too many times someone can compose a photograph like this, even with software assistance. However, there is so much technology out there today that nothing seems unreachable. Photographers can create just about anything they want as far as photos go. Photography can be a very rewarding profession and/or hobby.

  7. Liewilyn Baynosa says:

    Is this a way point to another dimension?

  8. Beautiful shot(s)! How did the colors come out like that? Very cool.

  9. Very nice shot! This is such a remarkable shot that I’ve ever seen, I’m impress. Wow, I can’t take my eyes off seeing it.. It is truly beautiful. Thanks for sharing this remarkable one. I’m looking forward to your another remarkable shot.

  10. So glad I came back to look at some of your older stuff, this is amazing! Reminds me of a painting, I love it.

  11. Wow! It is amazing how our world turns so fast and we are unaware of it. Great picture.

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