Alien invasion

orange peels

Attack of the pod creatures?

Or just Clementine orange peels?

Sadly, the latter, but I thought they made for a fun photo none the less.


  1. They look like little turtles.

  2. It would tickle the imagination, yes…. But it still makes a beautiful photo even though they’re simply Clementine orange peels. I’ve always loved black and white shots, whatever the subject may be.

  3. These were orange peels? Hmmmn! At first glance I don’t think they were- because they are not orange-colored- lol!

  4. Why did I think they were Walnut shells? Peels of any kind sort of freak me out, and this doesn’t help the cause. How long did it take you to eat them all? That’s serious dedication for a photo- I can never get my oranges peeled without a million little pieces in the end.

  5. They do look a little like walnut shells.

    One of my kids was on a citrus bender… I think she was fighting off a cold. The Clementines aren’t that big, so she ate a bunch in a 24 hour period. She just cut them in half with a knife and popped them inside out. What you see here is the inside of the peel, giving it a nice texture, especially in black and white.

  6. Liewilyn Baynosa says:

    At first I thought they were fish balls hahaha

  7. At first, I thought those were walnut shells. Did you plan this picture before eating the clementines? Very cool.

  8. These look like little UFO’s. How did you even get these peels to peel so nicely? It might just be me, but whenever I peel clementines, I never get clean peels 🙁

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