My version of Cheeseburger in Paradise (Om-nom-nom!)

Om nom nom

I had a pre-thanksgiving request for photos from the day.

The previous post’s cup of tea was really the only shot I took. Too busy enjoying the holiday, and no regrets. We had a great Thanksgiving this year.

…so here’s a little foot imagery to substitute. This was a pretty darn good burger. I’ve found the bun makes a huge difference, and recently started buying these poppy-seed / onion buns. They’re a nice touch. Oh, and “S” sliced the cheese this night, and I went back and figured out she allocated a fifth of a pound of cheddar for each burger.

No wonder they were delicious!


  1. And the ever-present crunkle fries, as we call them around my household.

  2. If “a picture is worth a thousand words”, enjoying the holiday so much to not take pictures is worth a million…. good call.
    No pics from this house, either.
    Just someone you know left her full Canon bag and I threatened to sell it on Craigs list.
    Thot I could schlep you the $ for a lens or something, but she scampered right over to pick it up. lol!

    but the tea shot was so beautiful, and quiet, and still…ing.
    and the burger – I wanna bite!! Maybe we’ll head down to Manny’s Buckhorn for a Bobby Flay throwdown defeating
    smackdown-green-chile-cheese-burger-extra-grease next time you’re in this neck of the woods…. er, desert.

  3. Alexander says:

    Now, that burger looks real tasty! Can’t smell it, taste it nor touch it. But just looking at it, especially that pan, makes me feel it just gotta be delicious.

  4. Ha, you’ve made me hungry : )
    But a fifth of a pound of cheese is way too much – especially cheddar. But if I could reach into the screen and pick up that plate, I would.
    And I haven’t had crinkle-cut chips (fries) since I was a kid. Your post has messed up my day : )

  5. Yvone Sherwood says:

    Nice one James! So mouth-watering! :p As lover of digital photography it is good to be back in your blogsite. The photos you shared are fun and fascinating. Since your photo itself speaks loud and clear than words can. Lol!

  6. Shem Kirsten says:

    Wow burger! Yeah, I see the difference between this one from the last posted “cup of tea”. The “cup of tea” is warm and still but this one stir up my cravings. Hence, it is rather a temptation to me that I couldn’t yield into. =(

  7. reveillon says:

    Miam Miam ! Really great picture, iam hungry now !

  8. Oh my goodness, that picture has made me hungry. Looks like lunch is coming early today! 🙂

  9. omg I’m having burger for lunch. Did you take this image with a macro lens?

  10. Personally I’d eat one twice that size but then I am kinda greedy.

  11. Nice post! I feel hungry when I saw this photo of a mouth watering cheeseburger that you have. The way you took the photo of the burger it really looks very delicious that even you are only looking at it you can already taste it. LOL! You have a great idea and a very artistic way in taking photos. I salute you. Great job!

  12. I wasn’t hungry until I looked at the burger. You can’t beat a little red sauce to go with it. mmmmm.
    Great blog by the way.

  13. Wants a burger... says:

    I am not a burger-eater but after seeing this one I had some cravings for burger, cheeseburger to be exact! 🙂 please share more recipes or some of your specialties here.. More cheeseburger please!! 😀

  14. Nona Mills says:

    omg I’m having burger for lunch. Did you take this image with a macro lens?

  15. Wow! looks so yummy, I feel hungry by looking at this delicious burger. I’m a burger person and this one looks really really good.. hmmmm.. yummy…

  16. Wow! so delicious. I really crave for cheeseburger when I saw this picture. I can have burger all day long for my meal, I’m so into it!

  17. Brent Bernath says:

    OMG! This is yummy. Ssoooo describes my diet of today.

  18. I like the picture! Just thought I’d note that 🙂

  19. Hi,
    I can just say that it makes me really hungry.Cheese burger is always a weakness for me.looks so delicious.


  20. I’m not much of a red meat eater, but I have to admit this looks good. Especially those fries. Thick cut fries are my favorite! (I think I can live off of Red Robin’s steak fries..mmm)

  21. Jessica says:

    I love hamburger buns that are made out of different types of bread… My favorite. That burger looks so good, it’s making me hungry!

    • Jessica, the bread totally makes the burger! If the bun is no good, it’s really hard to recover.

      What’s your favorite? I love an onion bun, or anything fresh from the oven, really… but sour dough is my favorite of all breads.

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