Grave Stone

grave stone

From the cemetery near the school where the kids take their studies. “S” and I took a walk through the graves the other day, and I managed to capture this image by getting down in the grass.


  1. It’s a very haunting picture, a touch of reality that not everything lasts forever 😉

  2. Alexander says:

    Somehow I can see it in front of me. You in the grass taking the picture upwards.

    Only part that haunts me… you can still see the grass!? We have dozen of layers of snow here.

    • We can’t believe we have no snow yet!

      What looks a little like grass on the right side of the stone is something else; that’s part of a tree in the distance.

  3. Nice texture in the stone. Something that is not wasy to achieve, especially not if you don’t want to high pass the shot to death! Well done 😉

  4. As already said this is a very haunting shot. The way the grave towers above almost makes it feel like a POV.

  5. what’s grass?…. ok, JK, I’ve seen grass a couple of times (never smoked it tho :))

    (you have to be from the desert parched and dry dusty SW USA, where no grass grows voluntarily and indeed must be catered and cared for constantly to get that or begin to think it might be funny…..)

  6. Very Ghost of Christmas Future.

  7. Great shot- just my sort of thing- love the low angle and the detail in the sky- Grant

  8. You caught a great angle of the grave and yes, I agree with most of those who posted comments that it’s a really haunting shot. The grave is emphasized and the clouds are getting a little dark which makes it more haunting.

  9. Yeah, those clouds are something. Is it dusk?

  10. James, I love that picture. The colors of the sky juxtaposed against the dark of the grave stone. You have a great eye.

  11. Nice photo… I like the way you capture your subject that according to you this shot was taken in the cemetery. The angle and the position of the camera is perfect… You capture your subject “as if” it is bigger than you. Upon looking in the photo it’s not that creepy but I was really amazed. Great job! 🙂

  12. I like it. The angle makes it look very foreboding.

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