The real tragedy here is the Bodega Elena de Mendoza that is spilled on the table… it’s such a delicious red wine, and it’s nearly impossible to find in New Hampshire. I got this bottle for about $10 US, and it’s an incredible bargain at that price. If you enjoy red wine, I highly recommend it.


  1. Great shot.
    I almost cried when I saw the wine, I love a drop of good red.

  2. Some people with broken lives could connect with this. The combination of an image and just the right word to describe it can be powerful.

  3. Among the array of photos you posted in your blog, I am captivated by this one especially with the title–“fragmented”. I actually had some classes in Photojournalism so I somehow know how to decipher a good photo from just a mere image. I also think that you have incorporated many elements in this photo, thus it turned out with a dramatic aura to people! Great job!

  4. I love the picture, but it is sad that the wine got spilled.

  5. I love the shot! As always, I am in love with your shots. I also love the fact that you called it “fragmented”. It’s a beautiful shot. Looking forward for the next photos already.

  6. I visited Buenos Aires a couple of days ago and I’ve had the chance to enjoy a glass of Bodega Elena de Mendoza wine it taste so great! A true Argentine experience. This plush, dark blend is ideal when served alongside barbecued ribs. Actually Bodega Elena de Mendoza produces three bold and beautiful wines, offering a taste of Argentina in every glass. But I haven’t tried it yet, I am trying to find this wine in our local wine shop but I can’t find one. Maybe next time when I go back there, I’ll bring some Bodega Elena de Mendoza wine for personal consumption.

  7. Liewilyn Baynosa says:

    Its very dramatic.

  8. First of all, BEAUTIFUL picture! Makes me want to save it, blow it up, print it, frame it and hang it on my dinning room! Great picture!! Second, that wine sounds great, where is it from? Is it hard to get it if you’re in the West Coast? The way you described it made me crave it so much! Plus the price is a total steal!


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