Backyard Ice Rink

Wading In

138 board feet of lumber, a mutt, a pair of rubber boots, two used billboards fused into a tarp, and twenty tons of water. In this photo, I am wading in to clear out branches that fell in the ice rink prior to it freezing over. That was this morning. Now there’s almost an inch of ice on top – the temp has dropped well below freezing.

(non-US: Just over 19,300 kilograms of water to fill the rink)

I have to admit – I was a little nervous about the idea of using two used billboards fused together to hold that much water, but Zeke over at Billboard Tarps assured me that they would work, and that I wouldn’t be the first to go this path. Let’s face it, that’s a lot of weight… and the tarps are holding up just fine.

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