Action Figure

action figure

Managed to snag this photo before it started snowing on Monday… I was lying on the ground, and V jumped off the riding mower onto a giant inflatable ball.

Photographic proof that she can fly, even if ever so briefly. 🙂


  1. Love the mismatched boots. lol

  2. Annmarie Turner says:

    do we have any jodhpur wearing figures, yet? so, new head/helmet, jetpack, maybe new thighs and we have the Rocketeer! 😛
    I like the boots ROFL

  3. Liewilyn Baynosa says:

    hahaha the mismatched boots makes it very cool

  4. Haha! Looks like she caught some good air! Was this shot planned or does she always wear a checkered cape? 😉

  5. Very cool picture. Especially with the cape in action, and I have to give it up to the mix-matched boots. I love it. How many takes did it take you get get this?

  6. She was pretty nervous about jumping. Unusual for her, but you have to respect your models. I think we did three jumps.

  7. William Moore says:

    One thing that makes me laugh at that picture are those unpaired boots. HAHAHA looks funny, but in fairness you captured it very well and you really made it James!

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