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Where’s My Cow?

Lost Cow

It’s a bit of a wacky list on the old Monthly Scavenger Hunt, with clues like “Where’s My Cow?” making the cut… I’m a little bit surprised that this photo wasn’t taken by someone else before I did it. I usually finish the hunt on the last day of the month, but with Thanksgiving and guests around the corner, I wanted to get a jump on the list. Maybe someone else will take a similar photo… but for now, this is the only one, and it makes me laugh, so I thought I would post it here for you to enjoy as well.

Oh, the photo on the carton is originally by Jelles – here’s the original cow picture. This is why I post almost all of my images with a Creative Commons attribution license – it’s fun to see what other people will do with your images.

Here are all the “Where’s My Cow?” entries… enjoy!


  1. Good one! I think the black and white did a good job on that picture. Actually the monthly scavenger hunt looks quite interesting and might look into it more at some time.

    • It’s a lot of fun – I do it because it challenges me to take photos I would never have taken otherwise. It’s helped me grow as a photographer, and makes my hobby more interesting, too.

  2. That is too funny.

  3. LOL!! That is hilarious!!

  4. Cindy Auligny says:

    So, have you found your cow yet lOl

  5. Seriously? This is just funny, I can’t help but think… what could have been possibly happening to my images posted in world wide web?! I think I’m going to be out looking for my cow soon! Found yours yet? LOL!


  6. We’ll nothing like getting a good laugh on Friday. You don’t have to worry about your subject running off in this shot!!!

  7. Love the color shot of the cow. That is hilarious. Are you actually laying underneath it?

  8. Dylon Hourani says:

    This one makes me think, Amazing! Thanks for allowing us to see the comparison between the two. It is exactly the same. Indeed, you did a great job and your labor is not in vain. Keep growing!

  9. I think I will have to start doing this. Sounds like a whole lotta fun, and could be something I could do with my son! Thank you.

  10. Alec Rowan says:

    got milk?

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