Tea for One

Tea for one

When the sugar cube settled in the cup, it landed where the sunlight struck the bottom, and cast its own little shadow. I was immediately enthralled, and jumped for my camera.

Not fast enough, though, as the steam first fogged my lens, and then the sugar dissolved – no matter. I’m quite pleased with the composition of this image. It makes me think warm thoughts, and with it finally getting cold in New Hampshire, those types of thoughts are very welcome.


  1. Beautiful! As I sit here typing with cold fingers, well… I can only imagine how that cup must feel.

  2. i love this! you captured the symmetry of the cup and plate very accurately!

  3. Ryken Fukiri says:

    Of course! Warm thoughts come to my mind when I’ve seen this photo. Anyway, other than that it signifies serenity and stillness. It is amazing to know apart from it, signifies tons of meanings. Well, Great Job James!

  4. Well, this photo is so soothing. It makes me go for a cup of tea or coffee especially if I’m on a heavy work loads and having stress. Simple but nice post.

  5. Shem Kirsten says:

    Cool one! This one is an expression of calmness and stillness. 😉 How I wish to have a nice sit-down with a nice cup of tea one of these days!

  6. Thanks, everyone! It was a delightful day, and the tea was just one aspect of a series of lovely events.

  7. The presence of cup and plate have their own symbols. I feel warm when I read your post. The image create different meanings and thoughts that you never imagine how shapes created in our world, life and in our deepest insight. The liquid tells that their is clear emotions in every moves. Thanks James, I feel the smile of an art in a simple ” Tea for One”.

  8. Jerthrode says:

    Wow, very artistic. Even just a simple cup of tea can capture your attention if you place it in a very creative manner. This is so cool. Great post. Interesting.

  9. I love the composition, it’s very Zen-like!

    That’s one nice china you have there James.

  10. Nice shot! You really got the actual image of a tea in a cup. I loved teas, it makes me more energetic and whenever I see your picture focusing on it, it makes me to feel the taste of a tea, especially my favourite one, strawberry flavour. Thanks for sharing, I will have my tea later because of your nice shot.

  11. Accidental art. Very rare to come up with such kind. Impressively artistic in every edge. Everyone can have their own explanation on the contents of the image. So calm and relaxing to look at. Thanks for the post.

  12. It makes me want some hot tea. Thank you.

  13. The stillness of the shot does give it a relaxing quality and I’m imagining the cube dissolving in the sunlight… It’s bitterly cold here in Essex UK at the moment. I have a cup of ginger tea in front of me. I’ve recently discovered ginger tea and definitely recommend it, very warming.

  14. That sounds pretty good, John. I’m thinking some hot cider for me tomorrow – we’re down below freezing for over a week now.

  15. This Photo is so amazing. you captured very well. i imagine im sitting with my computer and drinking that tea

  16. My Peppermint tea is not nearly as dark as yours is, but it is cold out today, so I’m enjoying one. Did you know that blue effects your taste and causes you to eat/drink less? (So the studies have been saying.) I hoped you finished your cup, it’s almost a crime not to.

  17. Even if you missed the sugar this really is a great picture! It would have taken me a minute to figure out what it was if I hadn’t seen the title. Beautiful, the colors are lovely.

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