Night Sky

Night Sky

I’ve posted night photos before – but usually with the stars readily apparent. Today’s image was taken of a row of trees with the city just beyond (this was taken on a farm in the North Shore area – just north of Boston, MA). Most of this part of the state is fully urbanized, but there are some pockets of forest and farm land left. In this image, the city lights just beyond the field bleach all stars away, making a dramatic contrast on a misty evening.


  1. I love the solid blacks of the lower forest “fading” into the outreaching branches and into another solid color…

  2. Thanks, Sophia… the thing about this being B&W, it was a black and white night. It was like the world went monochrome, and then this great silhouette was taking place. I had to grab my camera…

  3. I really appreciate views of sky especially when dusk comes. It refreshes my mind. GOOD Shot..

  4. Anaki Skywalker says:

    whoaah! This one makes me think some creepy thoughts. Anyway, I’m glad to see these black and white night photo of yours. Great Job James!

    Unitl nex time!

    -Anaki Skywalker

  5. This is a beautiful shot.

  6. Monica from Evening Handbags says:

    It looks somehow horrible. 🙂

  7. It’s awesome to capture city lights in the distance. I creates a photo that sort of surreal.

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