And DON’T come BACK!


Not to worry… no vintage suitcases were harmed in the making of this photo… but we all had fun aiming for the giant inflatable toy. More fun with that than running the suitcase back up the stairs for retakes!


  1. Fun picture! But I gotta ask …. why did you do it? 🙂

  2. Fun picture. And about why one did it. Personally I’d do something like that because I thought the idea of taking the photo was fun. Just like the electricity goes out because the powerplant thought it’d be fun.

  3. sing along: “she threw it out the window~ the window, the window, the second story window!
    with a heave and a ho and a mighty throw, she threw it out the window”….
    scavenger hunt clue?
    PS is that the suitcase your train set was in?

  4. Amazing! Looks almost like one of Pink Floyd’s album pics. 🙂
    Hopefully nobody got hurt.;-)

  5. Cindy Auligny says:

    Threw away anything distracts and hurts your soul 🙂

  6. Yvone Sherwood says:

    Awesome one James! How many retakes you’ve got? Well, I am sure you had fun going back up and down the stairs for retakes.. Laughing out loud! 😀

    • Too true!

      We actually got this one on the third try… it was so cold, we decided to wrap it up after three tosses because too much cold air was coming in the window.

  7. TJ McDowell says:

    Yea, the retakes would definitely count as your gym time for the day. After Thanksgiving, I probably could have stood for running up and down the stairs a few times myself.

  8. James, you were aiming for an inflatable? That is so awesome. did anyone hit it? ha/ha

  9. I’m sure that you could walk down any given street in NYC and see a plethora of angry girlfriend’s doing this exact same thing!

  10. This looks fun! What part of this was inflatable? Because it looks 100% real! Nice shot 🙂

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