Remix II

Fair ride: Remix II

Good times at the Topsfield Fair today, though we got home a little late for a school night. While the kids were finishing up their ride tickets, I snuck in a couple tripod shots. I really liked how this ride photo turned out.

It’s a 3 second exposure at f / 22, ISO 400.

Because a couple people asked about the riders in the comments, here’s what it looks like before the ride gets going.



  1. Light painting without all the work. It is cool how you can trace the paths of the swings.

  2. Wow, that’s a really nice photo. Love the colorful effect… good time at the fair indeed. 🙂

  3. cool photos! I wonder how did you make those swirling colorful lines. please give me some tips.

  4. Flashbacks… two weekends ago I went to Six Flags at night, then this past weekend I went to the State fair of Texas. I can feel the dizziness just looking at this photo…

  5. Really amazing photo, are you professional photographer or what!. It really amazed me and remember getting late to reach the home doesn’t always means having the time wasted for nothing.

  6. Is it really a ride? Where are the riders than?

    anyway.. really a nice click..

  7. Really nice photo. Just goes to show that you should take your camera where ever you go! Opportunities for great shots are all over the place. Great shot!

  8. Looking like something from space. Quite amazing and delicate and it seems that we are lucky see pictures like that. Really unbelievable and i admire the work of the photographer from the dept’s of my heart.

  9. Love the vivid colors against the dark evening backdrop. Beautiful. Have a similar inquiry as Micky above about whether or not there were passengers. I think so as there as people watching the ride.

  10. @Andrea – the ride started spinning, and I had the camera on a tripod. I left the shutter open for three seconds to get this effect.

    @Micky & @Gennaro – I edited the post to show a second long-exposure, but this time before the ride started. Because the people moved around, they’re a little blurry, but you can see the chairs the riders sit in easily.

  11. Thina Doukas says:

    Awesome work guys. Great use of photography ideas and tools combined to create the dramatic affect in the images displayed. This is Professional work cheers from Perry in Sydney

  12. @James Lee

    Thanks for the response. The second shot clears it up.

  13. woo! this is psychedelic…

  14. I like it better after it starts moving. But it makes me a bit dizzy just looking.

  15. The picture that is in motions is stunning!

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