Northern Redback Salamander (Plethodon cinereus)

salamander on finger



Okay – it’s been a few days since I posted… but I’ve been sick. Just getting to work and back has taken all of my energy… and now, it’s keeping me up. Stupid cough!

Still, it gave me the opportunity to get out of bed and come post some photos I’ve been saving. This is a Northern Redback Salamander, found in the back yard two weekends ago under some wet leaves. He had to hang out in a jar for a few hours while I finished my chores, but went free just after posing for these images.

Ain’t it cute?


  1. James Moralde says:

    I think it’s a feat just to catch one of these creatures as they are usually lithe and quick. And this one must love cameras. Others would have scampered away soon as they’re free from your clutches. 🙂

  2. Cute indeed !
    And you’ve been a nice job capturing it on camera.
    Was it quick ?

  3. It’s lizard, or?

  4. here I see his 4 legs. ain’t it cute? yes indeed!
    you know, modern pharmaceuticals might help with that cough…. don’t be stubborn, a good night’s sleep might be just the thing.

  5. wow, a highly variable small woodland salamander with a cylindrical tail.These small amphibians are a vital component of the forest food chain, reaching very high densities in mature forests. They are preyed upon by a wide variety of small vertebrates.

  6. It looks cute! LOL. This was actually the first time I have seen a creature like this. It looks like a snake with feet.

  7. Oh my lord! How in the world did you spot him?

  8. Ewww! what’s that? Is that a lizard? Good capture huh! I am amazed not only in the pictures but also with how you make that creature stay and took more photos of it. 😀

  9. wow, you have a good camera, what did you use to pose this ?

  10. How did I spot him? I was working in the yard, and when I moved some leaves, there were three salamanders sitting there.

    What did I use to pose this?

    My finger. 🙂

  11. Awww! this is so amazing. I love reptiles….in fact i locally volunteer to rescue snakes when they get in someone’s house.

  12. He is so tiny

  13. I am continually impressed as to how you are able to find the smallest animals and capture such detail with your camera.

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