Appropriately named post for me, as I am awake with a nasty sore throat that came out of no where. I felt fine two hours ago, but I woke up in pain. It seems that laryngitis is in my immediate future…


  1. Onion syrup is one of the best Cures for laryngitis that is a gargle is made from onion syrup, honey and lemon.

  2. Nice teeth.

  3. looks so interesting and add altogether. nice!

  4. man you won’t believe this but i had been assaulted by an unending cough for a over a week. i have just begun to feel better..but a little coughah every now and then spoils the fun…:(

  5. Alexander says:

    That picture somehow made me giggle. A bit less fun though with the pain.

  6. I have the crud that is going around. Unfortunately, this means I will be sick on Christmas.

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