Jelly Donut

I can’t even say the word “jelly” these days without thinking of the sea turtles from Finding Nemo.

Still… not that kind of jelly. I was looking for something soft to shoot for the clue “soft spot” in the monthly scavenger hunt, and this is what I came up with.


  1. Hmmm…. very delicious. Man i can’t wait to eat it and its a human desire that likes sweet things. Thanks for making me hungry……

  2. that is so not a fair picture!!! well, very “fair” in a certain sense…. but without tastes all round, not in the other!! lovely seeds in the jam (I think, technically, jelly doesn’t have seeds πŸ™‚ – gotta find something to gritch about so I don’t go out and buy one!! BUT – Krispy Kreme is just down the hill….
    hmmmmmmm, I have some errands to run……………………….. C ya!

  3. This picture has really started to feel myself hungry as i am thinking that i should go to eat something like this that can satisfy my tubby. Thanks for increasing my sweet hunger…

  4. it really is..the doughnut looks yummy..specially with the leaking red jelly streak..

  5. Laptopuri ieftine says:

    Thanks a lot!!! It looks to damn delicious and I don’t know where I can get donuts at this moment :-s

  6. This looks really good, and now I want a donut (or doughnut, as I think it doesn’t matter how you spell it, since all end in same place…tummy. lol). Unfortunately, I don’t have any and we are stuck on our hill. I do think have some cinnamon rolls, though. Think I will go make some. πŸ˜‰

  7. Great…and i’m on a diet, too….thanks a lot!!!

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