Guest Post: Colorado Barn

Today’s photo is a guest image from Kyler Nixon.

Longmont Barn

Kyler said,

I saw this barn located in Longmont Colorado a year earlier when I was visiting a family member out there. I saw it just as the sun was setting and knew I wanted to get that scene on film. Almost exactly a year later I was lucky enough to shoot this just as a storm front was passing through, and clearing up. The clouds were incredible and the scene was surreal. There are so many cool barns out in the Longmont area, gotta get back there with some good light!

Technical specs: It’s a tripod shot with a Nikon D90, same as I shoot. In addition:

  • Lens: 18-200mm @ 24mm @f/22
  • ISO: 200
  • shutter speed: 1/13
  • +2.0ev

Kyler NixonAbout Kyler:

A Portland Oregon native, Kyler Nixon has since relocated to Salt Lake City. An expert in SEO and SEM by day, he enjoys surfing the web, writing, and spending time outdoors in his free time. Legend has it a lock of his hair brings wisdom and luck.


  1. Oh my God, the colors are so vivid they look painted!

  2. TJ McDowell says:

    Interesting combination of different elements. The trees and clouds are a little spooky, but the field and the sun are more “happy” elements. Plenty to look at in the pic. It’s the same kind of contrast that we often look for in wedding photography. The bridal party is all dressed up, so sometimes using something run down in the background provides interest to the picture.

  3. Nice capture Kyler.. I really love looking at nature photographs just like this one, and I can really tell that nature is one of the best subject in photography. This photo has a lot of beautiful elements of nature and the colors were truly perfect. Keep sharing more lovely photos.. Thanks..

  4. Very nice shot !
    I really like the clouds and of course the beautiful light !

  5. Esha Putra says:

    i know that youโ€™re a great photographer from your collection..
    if you donโ€™t mind, what is the first step to become a great photographer like you?
    should i buy an expensive DSLR first?

    Thanks for responding

    • I would rather have a mid-range DSLR than a pricy one. Both Kyler and I shoot with the Nikon D90 – a pro-sumer camera body aimed between consumer and professional photographers.

      Depending on how much you want to invest, the D90’s successor (D7000) is an amazing camera – better than the D90 in almost every way, for about the same price.

      The thing to remember, though, is your lenses are more important than your camera. I get most of my best shots with a $140 50mm lens. No zoom means sharper photos… and for a nice zoom lens, you’re going to spend a lot of money; well over $1,000.

    • Esha, I would agree with James. I think the best thing to do if you don’t have lots of money to spend is ease yourself into photography….see if it will be a real love of yours before spending lots of money. If you are EVER going to spend lots of money, I agree with James, invest in lenses. You can transition the lenses through to more expensive camera bodies. I started with the D40 and loved it, a GREAT camera for entering the photography world. Best of luck to you! This is a great place to ask questions though, lots of good people on the site.

  6. I believe that this is just an ordinary and old to anyone living near that barn. But this photo with the aid of the rising sun gives this barn a new and eye-catching view. credits to the photographer! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. one word: brilliance..

  8. This is one awesome images!! Loving the drama created by the clouds. Beautiful!

  9. Alexander says:

    What a wonderful picture. I really love the composition. The way it all adds up together.

  10. Cindy Auligny says:

    Nice shot. I almost fall in love with this place lOl so beautiful.

  11. Thanks guys, lots of kind words. Every time I get a little caught up with the frustrations of life, just take a look at this pic and it calms me. Hope to post more here soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. wow the color is so great!! so vibrant!

  13. Amazing and Awesome picture…I really loved it..

  14. This photo is very cool that it looks fake. I love how the clouds look with the last peek of the sun. Do you know where I can find more of Kyler’s photos?

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