Guest Post: Colorado Barn

Today’s photo is a guest image from Kyler Nixon.

Longmont Barn

Kyler said,

I saw this barn located in Longmont Colorado a year earlier when I was visiting a family member out there. I saw it just as the sun was setting and knew I wanted to get that scene on film. Almost exactly a year later I was lucky enough to shoot this just as a storm front was passing through, and clearing up. The clouds were incredible and the scene was surreal. There are so many cool barns out in the Longmont area, gotta get back there with some good light!

Technical specs: It’s a tripod shot with a Nikon D90, same as I shoot. In addition:

  • Lens: 18-200mm @ 24mm @f/22
  • ISO: 200
  • shutter speed: 1/13
  • +2.0ev

Kyler NixonAbout Kyler:

A Portland Oregon native, Kyler Nixon has since relocated to Salt Lake City. An expert in SEO and SEM by day, he enjoys surfing the web, writing, and spending time outdoors in his free time. Legend has it a lock of his hair brings wisdom and luck.

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