Bricks and Flour

flour and brick

This is from the side of a building in historic Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The sun wasn’t shining on the brick, but did manage to hit the unfortunately placed bracing for a near by utility pole. I like the image, though, so I did what I could to dampen the highlights on the diagonal, and boost the colors on the rest. I think it turned out well… your thoughts?


  1. Part of what I love about the downtowns of most cities are the relics like this still sticking around. Just a simple reminder that there’s some continuity to that space…

  2. TJ McDowell says:

    I’d say just Photoshop out the pole. I’m always a fan of brick – fun texture.

  3. It’s hard to find those type of buildings in the Charleston area, but I absolutely love old brick or old empty abandon buildings

  4. i love redbricks. they give a rustic feel and there are many buildings around the place i live constructed from red bricks…specially universities and colleges..old British charm..

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