Snow Thrower (for sale)

heated grips

Troybilt 28 inch two stage snow thrower with electronic start and heated hand grips. Pity the engine doesn’t run. I’ve made a couple attempts to revive it, all to no avail.

She threw snow a long way last year until the last storm… when I accidentally ran the engine without oil in it. A plug came loose, the oil drained, and the engine seized. Now it’s just waiting for a new home with someone who is more mechanically inclined than I am.

snow thrower


  1. Ah snow, I remember it well, sort of, we don’t seem to get it these days, what with all this crazy global warming and stuff 😉 Hang, the engine doesn’t work! not much use then, unless someone who likes to tinker with engines is looking for a project 😆

  2. Goyang Karawang says:

    good photo.. i like number 1 🙂

  3. Hi James, do you remember me? You learned me a beautiful tutorial for how to attach a post image in posts perfectly…I’m back here to inform you that my site is now resumed so you can visit now. Though, I’m not using Kristarella’s Mini skin but have customized my site myself. 🙂

    And, your new layout of your site is really good and beautiful! I loved your all pics, especially food photos. 🙂 May I ask which camera and lenses do you use? I’m planning to upgrade my old digital camera to DSLR one soon. 🙂

  4. I agree there are very little snow fall these day , all thanks to Global warming, Green house effect.

  5. I did something like this with my car. My car had a terrible oil leak and i ran the engine…now I’m waiting for the weekend.

  6. useful device..but i can’t keep it in three seasons and wait up again till winter..i opt to manually clear p my path instead.

  7. @anice – my drive way is 107 feet long. I estimate it to be about 1,575 square feet of surface area (146 square meters). Let’s say we get a foot (30 cm) of snow in one day, which happens at least a few times each year. Even if the snow is light and fluffy, that’s 11,025 pounds (~5,000 kilograms).

    With annual snow fall around six feet, that means I would have to shovel 66,150 pounds of snow a year – over 33 tons (or just over 30 metric tons).

    My first winter here (2008-2009), I started trying to shovel the drive way. Claire and I probably shoveled about 10 tons of snow before we gave up. It’s just not humane!

    On a separate note – huzzah! – a very handy person bought “the hog” a couple days ago. Yay!

  8. Never own a single stage snow blower. We call it a “thrower, not a blower.” In our neck of the woods, it takes that extra power to throw it at least 15-20 feet away to make room for the next snow storm coming in a couple of days. Nice color in the pictures, too realistic…..

  9. Hahahaha…. I’ve had an experience much the same with a lawnmower previously lol! Good luck hahaaha!

  10. My brother lives in Oregon and just rented one of these this past Winter when they got hit with a ton of snow. They’re convenient especially if you’re in a snow-prone area. Looks like a new one-there’s no warranty on the engine?

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