Quantaray close-up filters and Twizzlers


This photo of Twizzler’s licorice candy is a bit of an experiment for me. It was taken at F22, which means that the shutter opening was very small, letting in very little light. It was a low light situation anyways, so I had to keep the shutter open for 20 seconds at ISO 200.

It was taken with an x2 Quantaray close-up filter on the lens, allowing me to get much closer to the licorice than I would have been able to otherwise… which is a poor-man’s macro lens solution. The problem with this method is you usually end up with an incredibly shallow depth of field. By shrinking the aperture to it’s minimum setting, that lengthens the depth of field, allowing the licorice on the top of the pile to be just as in focus as the licorice you can see towards the bottom.

I like the Quantaray filters, as they have given me some exceptional shots, such as these:



A common feature in these images, however, is that the depth of focus is very narrow.

I’m happy with the twizzler pic – what do you think?

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