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Lunch time blogging

Here is a little experiment. As the line between phones, cameras, and computers blurs with each generation of smart phones, I thought I’d try the WordPress iPhone ap to see what a blog post looks like from the company cafeteria. With that in mind, I present you Ronny’s version of a personal pizza with buffalo chicken and blue cheese.

It was delicious. 🙂

Okay – back to work!


  1. Strangly enough, that does look quite mouth watering, or is that just me?

  2. Doesn’t look too bad. In fact, it looks really delicious 🙂 What kind of dressing was it?

  3. It was VERY good. The chicken was very spicy. The dressing was blue cheese, a nice complement to the buffalo flavors of the chicken.

    • Oh so THAT is blue cheese. I never had a pizza with blue cheese before so I just assumed it was the normal cheese to be another version or something…

  4. looks too much like some odd kind of cinnamon roll to me…. lol

  5. Not sure if it even looks good. First glance I thought it was a cinnamon roll.

    • Massad Ayoob says:

      When I first saw it, I also thought it was a cinnamon roll (with pecans or something on it) also! Then I read it was a buffalo chicken pizza, I thought “Oh…hmmm…that could be good!” Pizza and wings are two of my favorite foods, don’t cha know.

  6. Grant Stringer says:

    My gosh – back to work after eating that! I admire your fortitude…..and photography!
    Great stuff.

  7. That looks BOMB! Where’d you get it from?

  8. That was the Friday special at the corporate cafeteria. 🙂

  9. Yup, that looks amazing!

  10. Simply jaw dropping and mouth watering. Ugh, I am hungry.

  11. With the State Fair of Texas going on right now, well… food concoctions like this are fresh on my mind.

  12. Cafeteria pizza for the win! Looks better than Pizza Hut.

  13. awww, i love eating pizza and watching a movie at the same time. Nice…

  14. Wow, you did all of that from an iPhone. Took the picture too I’m assuming. Its impressive what you can do from an iPhone. Thanks for the at work update.

  15. I have a new smart phone, and I am still amazed at the pics it can take.

  16. criss angel tricks says:

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  17. Hi,
    Well it looks extremely delicious.I am always looking to get a chance with friends to have a visit of Pizza hut.Thanks for sharing it.


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