Introducing Abigail


I haven’t been here as much as I am usually… here’s why. Please meet Abigail Adams Lee, a lab / border collie mix. She is named after our second first lady here in the United States. I don’t know if she will live up to the name or not, but she seems pretty smart.

I don’t know what she sounds like yet, because she hasn’t barked once this weekend. She’s one of the calmest dogs I’ve ever met. She kind of knows how to sit, and she stays put on a bed in our dining room when we eat (none of that begging business).

So… world, meet Abigail. Abigail – world.

If you’re in New England, and have room for pooch in your heart and home, please consider Peace and Paws, the organization that helped place Abigail with us. For those in Tennessee, Proverbs 12:10 Rescue took care of Abigail when she was born.

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