Hello, Autumn

red and green maple

Just a few days ago, I was mocking this maple tree because it was showing so much red in the summer time.

Today, this bit of glorious foliage makes more sense…

It’s amazing what a week makes. I drive on I95 most days, and the stretch through New Hampshire has come alive with red, orange, and yellow. It’s not prime foliage season; not yet, at least. Still, trees are starting to make the turn. The world is starting to turn its gaze away from summer.


  1. with the first day of fall, what better timing. we’re actually cloudy and a bit drizzly today. this is a beautiful picture.

  2. Autumn is my favorite season and I just felt good once its Autumn. Oh I appreciate your photo very much.

  3. Our leaves are just now turning color. You capture it nicely. Pretty soon, you can pick the colors of the rainbow to fill your viewfinder. We love autumn. Slow down.

  4. those maple leaves look like flowers, very beautiful.

  5. Nice shot!!! Spring is my favorite season because is was cool and calm. but i like how you shot that maple tree. the leaves are like flowers in the air. Maybe i should suggest if you could try taking pictures during spring season. Have a nice day!!

  6. WillowSmith says:

    I readily remembered my Japanese friends upon seeing this picture and caption you have posted. They had the longest summer this year. They usually have their summer during the month of August but it extended until the first 2 weeks of September this year. This summer is also the hottest one they had ever experienced and as they described it, “it’s scorching hot.” They are very glad because the weather started to change two weeks ago and they’re gonna be having the Autumn season next. Most of them say that they love Autumn because it is an average season, not too cold like winter and not too hot like summer. Thank you very much for this post and for reminding me all these memories of my Japanese friends.

  7. Autumn is fast approaching there at your country James. Too bad we don’t have that kind of season here.

  8. Beautiful picture . Although autumn is season of sadness but its gives hope for good.



  9. Beautiful picture. Remembering when i was in Tokyo in my vacations. Thanks for sharing.



  10. The autumn in Beijing is very different with you, it is called “golden”…

  11. Autumn is my favourite season , a season brings hopes for spring to do some more in life.Nice Picture.



  12. Anonymous says:

    This changes in weather made me a little sick but I am really glad that autumn is here! I love this season. Just the right combination of everything; not too hot like summer and not too cold like winter. I hope global warming will not affect the “usual” autumn that we used to have. 🙂

  13. Living in Los Angeles, I miss seasons like this. Beautiful scenery everywhere you go.

  14. Thanks for sharing this post. Every season has its own color and autumn has a special charm in it.

  15. Autumn is such a beautiful time of year.

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