Good Luck, James

Good Luck James

A little back story.

This blog would not exist if it weren’t for TGSC Group – where I’ve worked since January 2008. Part of what I did there was get the blog going for TeleGlass. I designed the blog, set up the software, established the protocols, and set up publishing routines. In order to figure out how to do all that, I started blogging at home, too. Thus…

I might be better here than I am at work… heh.

All that aside, the folks at Electric Insurance Company recently made an offer I couldn’t refuse. As of Tuesday, I’m the Customer Experience Manager for Electric, and it’s a fantastic opportunity. Before I left, though, Sheila brought in a cake for my last day.

Thanks, Sheila!


  1. seriously tho,nice cake, great sentiment, and best best wishes on the new job. any customer who experiences you at Electric Insurance Co should be completely pleased 🙂

  2. Hey this is good to know about your opportunity of Customer Experience Manager of Electric.I am really glad to know it.I also like a cake as it is beautiful with nice colors.

  3. first the cake caught my attention and got smile to my face…its so tempting and colorful

  4. well… and it was delicious, too. 🙂

  5. This blue color cake is an attractive for me.I like that you have shared your happiness with us about opportunity of Customer Experience Manager of electric.You really deserve this cake.

  6. I love icing. Unfortunately, that is the only part that my son will eat. lol
    How is your new job going? Do you enjoy it?

  7. Hi James, I hope the new position of Customer Experience Manager is going well! Hoipe the cake tasted good too!

  8. Love the colors on this cake

  9. I came for the cake! congratulations on your new postition. You must have made quite an impression for such a lovely farewell… do keep us updated

  10. lovely little blog and nice to see people getting ahead in life

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