Didn’t Quite Make It

dead porcupine

I love porcupines, so I was sad to see this one didn’t quite make it.

Now, I have three cats, and we want to get a dog, so the thought of porcupines near our home is a cause for some concern… but so far no one has gotten into it with a porcupine, and that’s how I like it. I had a pet porcupine as a kid, and they’re just as sweet as can be when they’re not scared. Oh – that bit about them shooting quills? Total myth. They’re VERY sharp, but you have to make contact with the porcupine to get stuck.

We Love and Miss You Mike

we love and miss you mike

I don’t know who Mike is, but the porcupine’s placement is certainly very ironic.


  1. TJ McDowell says:

    So when a porcupine gets run over, does it puncture a tire? We don’t have them in our area.

  2. Although, I am not familiar with what porcupine is, ( I haven’t seen one ) but looking at the photo I feel sad for that scene. Even though they are animals, they have the right to live normally in this world and we should not treat them brutally. I sympathize with what had happen to porcupine.

  3. @TJ – I don’t think it would puncture the tire, but I could be wrong. The quills are modified hair follicles, and while they’re very sharp, they will bend fairly easily. I think if you ran it over, it would be possible to have some stuck on the tire, but I don’t think they could puncture it.

  4. Oh that’s so sad, poor thing, one minute it’s enjoying life and then bang!

  5. Keith Davis says:

    Hi James
    Lots of animals killed on the roads and I guess most of us just ignore it!
    I’ve lost a few cats on the road but what can you do to stop it?
    Don’t know, but still sad and upsetting.

  6. This is so sad! The porcupine is one of my most favorite animals. They look like little cuddly bears and it’s always sad to see them get killed on the highway. Kind of unreal how this all happened over the spray painted road.

  7. Aside from what we all feel about the dead animal, I am proud of the foot shot.

  8. I usually quite like porcupines (we had a small one in our garden when i was a kid) but i have to say the first pic is really well done…

  9. Petar Ilic says:

    Excellent photo with only hand of porcupine. Made me feel sadness. Very good!

  10. Bishwajeet says:

    Excellent pic with great details

  11. Aw sad porcupine! What does the message say that was spray painted underneath of it??

  12. Maybe the porcupine missed Mike way too much and charged into traffic. lol
    I had never heard of anyone having them as a pet before. I wouldn’t think you would have been able to snuggle up.

  13. So sad.. Can’t believe how close you got on that first photo. Looks like it was possible placed there. Weird..

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