Chatter Teeth

chatter teeth

A little character study I did for the scavenger hunt for the clue “jaws.” I really like this photo…

From a technical perspective, it’s a 20 second exposure like the Twizzler piece from earlier in the week. The camera was less than a foot away from the subject, so it’s another Quantaray close-up filter piece. Here, the depth of focus is easier to see from front to back, so I really wanted that tiny aperture (at f22 on a 50mm lens, that’s what… 0.227 cm? Less than 1/8 of an inch.

What was fun for me was trying to get the gearbox tack sharp without everything else being blown so soft you couldn’t tell what I was shooting.

Would it be interesting to see this same image, but with the aperture wide open? To compare how much the aperture impacts the DOF?

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