The Third Drawer

What’s in the third drawer, Lucy?

Sort of a Velveteen Rabbit meets Pulp Fiction kind of thing.


  1. Knee socks and a bathing suit. Funny, it never lights up when I open it… Lucy is Famous 🙂

  2. this looks scary

  3. I like how the light falls on the second drawrer.

  4. Sofia Smith says:

    This is a really cool idea. I’m curious as to how you created the light in the drawer. It actually freaks me out a little bit… reminds me of the movie “Orphan”!

  5. why this photo look so scary?

  6. It’s just a floor lamp placed in the drawer. 🙂

  7. I don’t know about Pulp Fiction or even scary. I like it and think it looks intriguing, like there’s a great surprise in the drawer.
    Light is a good thing, and Lucy is peering over the edge of the dresser in wonder ….. 🙂 imho lol

  8. Sofia Smith says:

    That’s so cool! Funny how such a mundane item can create such an eerie look!

  9. love the lighting here

  10. Reminds me of Toy Story meets Indian in the Cupboard.

  11. I wonder how the light got inside. well, lucky drawer. It has a light. and I love the rabbit above.=)

  12. Think that this may be my new favorite of yours. I love how there is this light play with the bunny and drawer. Also love the hints of blue in with the warm tones.

  13. byronagetz says:

    Its just superb. The picture you shared make me feel that i am watching a scary movie.

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