Ruby Throated Humming Bird

humming bird

humming bird feeder

A couple photos of a female ruby throated humming bird (the males have a much more crimson throat).


  1. TJ McDowell says:

    We had a humming bird flying around our house the other day. We don’t have a feeder, so he didn’t have a reason to stay long enough for me to get my camera.

  2. Stunning moment on the photo, beautiful to look at these birds.

  3. wow man now this is what i call the perfect it

  4. simon bunting says:

    Wow nice photographs my favourite is the first one. I love how the wings are blurred yet still in focus! 🙂

  5. I really like the first photo, it’s really beautiful.Your capture of a flying hummingbird is really smooth and for me it’s perfect and wonderful.

  6. OMG! the first pic is just gorgeous!

  7. very nice dof

  8. James Brown says:

    This photo is just stunning. Excellent photography! I’m an amateur photographer and this photo is so inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Hi
    I have a Humming bird feeder and one humming bird who chases away all the others what can I do about this?

  10. Barry – hang another humming bird feeder twenty feet away or so.

  11. We have beautiful hummingbirds in our yard every summer. We make sure they have their food, but if the feeder gets low or the ants take over, hummingbirds can be quite bossy. lol

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