Drink the Plank

beer sampler

As always – my little PSA: I do enjoy a beer now and then. In this case, more than one. Even though the glasses are very small, I would not drink this and drive. Neither should you.

Okay, off my soap box. 🙂

When I pulled out my camera, Claire said, “You’ve taken that picture before.” And I have… but I felt like I could do better. The previous image has a pretty significant hot spot, or glare, from a light reflecting on the table.

Here’s my latest take on the subject. Here’s where you can find the previous beer sampler attempt.


  1. I think it is a really beautiful picture. I think it would be a really cool picture to hang over a bar. It really captured the beer. I can’t say it enough. Beautiful picture.

  2. Wow!! i am very impressed with your lovely photo…

  3. the exact way..blur…and then perfect image
    man ur photography rock !!

  4. Oooo… Gomez likes! That looks like a tasty treat. 😉

  5. Here in my home town we call that shot “Push Your Limits”! after drinking the entire plank you’ll have a very cool t shirt with a tag line! I have Pushed MY Limits! lol! As I can recall I ended up puking in the back ally after the shot. What an experience! Great shot you got there! Cheers!

  6. Ooof – no, nothing like that. These are all three ounce glasses, so it’s the equivalent of 2.5 beers. While you shouldn’t drive after something like this, it’s not going to hurt you otherwise.

    Unless you perhaps have a propensity for calling your ex and making promises you can’t keep?

  7. I like the photo and I want to drink some beer now!

  8. nice arrangement =)

  9. I agree with Ken that it would be perfect in a bar, or a restaurant. It would certainly do well in any bachelor pad!

  10. I love beer. And this picture seems so real to see from my eyes. It encourages customers when it is placed in a restaurant or a bar. Nice capturing!

  11. That’s a nice photo! I love all of the warm colors in it 🙂 Where was this photo taken?

  12. I always like to drunk a beer, so i like so much this photos also..

  13. I too am a beer drinker. Which were your favorite?

  14. Nice picture. You can never get the right one so I don’t blame you for taking more shots of the shots 🙂 However, I think I prefer the first one.

  15. Rashard Baker says:

    I remember a college frat house variation of that as the 21 (I think) where you drink 21 straight shots! This one is more refined though and the shot you took of it looks so nice!

    • Sounds like a good way to end up with alcohol poisoning… Trip to the emergency room or the morgue. I enjoy a couple beers now and then, but that’s just dumb!

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