Ocracoke Seagulls

Ocracoke Seagull

I ended up with more sea gull photos than anyone wants to view. Talk about vacation photos to put you to sleep! Still, these were okay, and representative of the lot.


  1. Great action shot with number 1 here. What gear do you use?

  2. Peter – just added a gear page with all the info.

  3. nice shot!!! You are just right when you take the picture of the one that is flying…(I guess so)

  4. Great shot. I like the one that is standing still. Love how you make an angle to this shot. I also take pictures with my Nikon D5000 but I’m not that good yet. Have to do some studies about photography. Anyway thanks for sharing your piece of art.

  5. Wow! I like the second one more!

  6. This is really look like nice images

  7. I am just a beginner in photography.I must say that Both are really beautiful images of seagulls.I like that first flying seagull photograph very much.I like the way you have taken this photograph.

  8. I’m loving those photographs! What type of camera did you use?

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