Lighthouse Steps

Hatteras Lighthouse Steps in Sepia

Did I mention 268 steps to get to the top of the lighthouse?

I’m still out of breath… okay, maybe just thinking about it.


  1. ohh my god! to climb and go back down pheww!!!

  2. I have acrophobia but I kinda like the angle of the shots. Great work!

  3. I think I would be out of breath as well, haha. I like these shots a lot. The angle in the first photo really gives the staircase a surreal look, almost serpentine. The subtle shadows in the second one play nicely against the brick wall.

  4. Great perspective on the spiral ladder in the first pic. Looks like it’s a long way down. Maybe you could slide down the middle support poles?

  5. Coming down would have been more fun! Saudade!
    I remember how quickly I climbed down, after a 1 hour trek to a local temple in the town I grew up in.

  6. I bet it killed you! I know where you should try next… St. Peter#s dome – The Vatican. I took some shots of the stairwell on my ex-girlfriends camera…Awesome place to shoot…320 steps though!… That did nearly kill me!

  7. These both are nice photographs of light house steps and I like it.Well I have not seen any light house but I really want to see it in real.

    320 steps are just breath taking for me.

  8. Nice images i do like the perspective of the first photograph, makes ones head spin just looking at it…

  9. I walked up a lighthouse in Florida. It was hard.

  10. When my parent’s first moved to the coast, I made them go on a Lighthouse tour through Oregon, because they have a lot of the coastline. (Obviously.) Where was this one at?

  11. These two photographs are very nice. I was experienced with the lighthouse in Florida.

  12. This reminds me of the stairs at the Covent Gardens train station in London. I think it was 226? Someone correct me if I’m wrong but boy was that a mission! I’ve always like the elegant look of a spiral staircase, but 268? I think I’ll pass…

  13. Great photo, but it gets me dizzy looking at it. I have a fear of heights and this brings me to my dizzy-zone. Were there different sets of stairs going up or down? They look like different staircases.

  14. They’re the same, and there is just one set. One photo is looking up, so you see the bottom of the staircase. The other is looking down.

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