Garden Spider (Argiope aurantia)

Ain’t she a beauty?

I’ll admit it – I don’t like spiders as much as some people do. In fact, I’m nursing a bite on my right thumb (no pain, but it itches). That distinctive two puncture pattern – so much fun.

Still, this spider is beautiful. Its common name really is “garden spider,” and it’s a big one. from head to tail, she’s about an inch long, making her a tasty snack for some of the birds around here. They like to spin their webs in the sun but on the edge of the woods, just between the forest and a meadow. That’s where I found this one, where she lives in the blackberries and ferns that grow wild on the south side.


  1. Wow! This is an incredible photo..Amazing!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I used to play spiders here in town. But one time when she bites me, It was so annoying that I got out of control and throw it away. Until then, I don’t play or even touch spiders anymore. Anyway I am a freelance photographer and I really like what you did in this photograph. Keep it up. It’s really great.

  3. yes she is unique and u got her…a unique one

  4. James Moralde says:

    That indeed is one beautiful spider there. But I must thank you for making us see its splendor from a good distance. I have seen a picture of a spider once where the photographer used some kind of microscopic lens. Gosh, I still shiver at the sight of those monster hairs on its legs.

  5. Ick. Not my cup of tea.

  6. nice photo,.i really dont like spider a lot too but just for the thing that touching it,.looking at it is just fine to me watching it catching for flies or mosquitoes in its web..

  7. also very nice dof

  8. A real beauty indeed! You really got this shot so special. I really like the color combination and the contrast to the object that you focused on. Great!

  9. i have an arachnophobia. but as you say it doesn’t bite so it doesn’t make me scare. nice shot!,huh. god bless.

  10. Spiders are CREEPY. These kinds usually make the amazing webs though. I am a bit of a wuss, though. Made me shudder.

  11. Brij Taneja says:

    How dangerous they are?


  1. Blackberries says:

    […] is geographically relevant to the shed and the spider – these ripening blackberries are growing in between the two on our property. « Under […]

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