Dancing Lobster

Lobster Dancer

Ain’t that America. A lobster dances to entice you to order… Lobster? The photos don’t do her justice. She was on fire.

Wonder what’s playing on her iPod?


  1. All together now “I like big butts and I don’t know why!” 😆 Looks like she’s trying to body pop 😉

  2. LOLLOLLOLLY!! not at ALL what I pictured when you said “dancing lobster”. hysterical. We have a guy with a sign outside Planet Fitness whose moves are so energetic he doesn’t have to work out inside at all, so I can imagine…. fun.

  3. u have captured the all the funny butt moves 😀

  4. She’s wearing New Balance cross trainers.

  5. Nobody rocks the lobster pot the way this girl does.

    @Claire – I thought you’d notice that.

  6. LOL ! That’s 97 % full of awesomeness ! ( The rest is melted butter )

  7. Great job. Fantastic images! 🙂

  8. Wat’s playing on her iPod>?

  9. Lol! This is funny. Nothing that humans do ever surprises me any more. We are such a diverse and random race, especially in terms of our behaviour. This like this I would previously have considered weird, but now I wonder why I even thought like that. It seems quite normal to me nowadays.

  10. hahaha.. that doesnt look like a lobster but at least he/she got someone take photos of him/her

  11. this is such a funny move!i wanna try dancing too. Through this, i might loose weight. god bless to this big guy..=)

  12. Asherlloyd says:

    Just entertaining. the lobster really has got big butts. lets cook the lobster in water..

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