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I took this photo with the idea that I might encourage you to buy bp gasoline. After all, most bp gas stations are independently owned franchises. Men and women, your neighbors, who wanted to open a business, and did so in good faith.

Their business is way down. Sometimes by as much as half… and that’s on top of the Great Recession and all its impact on local businesses. The owner of your local bp station had nothing to do with the oil spill, so why not cut them a little break?

That doesn’t mean I am interested in eating any fish from the Gulf of Mexico. I know the official say most of the oil is gone, but I believe that a lot of it is still floating around. The Gulf of Mexico is pretty big. About 643 quadrillion gallons of water, give or take, according to the EPA. I think it would be very easy for a lot of oil to go unfound in a space that big, and there’s still plenty of oil out there. I’m disappointed that we are being told otherwise.

What about you? Would you eat any Gulf of Mexico shrimp these days?

Will you buy gas from your local bp filling station?


  1. You know, that’s a difficult question. Without a local owner/operater are without fault in the spill and deserve economic support just like any other business. We ALL share the blame in that we use products from deep sea drilling, most of us without a second thought. But as we drove across the US the summer, we didn’t stop at the BP logo unless it was the only one available. And in a community just a couple hundred miles from where I live, but over 1000 from the Gulf spill, BP trucks have had to take the sign off the door panel – too much harassment from the locals. Neither response really makes sense, but it took the more extreme to make me rethink mine…. and then your pic & Q showed up.
    I buy my gas at Costco, so I don’t have to “choose” – but Costco certainly could have gotten it from BP!!
    Interesting article in the Smithsonian that just arrived today addressing some of the environmental impact.

  2. That’s some useful information.
    I like the picture though!

  3. Awww, it’s sweet of you to encourage people to help build up the BP gas stations, I think a lot of people don’t realise that they are independently owned.
    As for the oil spill, I think you’re right. i wouldn’t trust that at all now, have you ever tried to get cooking oil out of your gravy? It’s ever all gone is it? I wouldn’t be eating any Gulf of Mexico shrimp either.

  4. I still cannot bring myself to buy from a BP station. I know they are locally owned, but they still are getting money into a company that single handedly ignored all the warning signs and helped to destroy many others lives.

  5. Great point. Bp stations have nothing to do with the spill but we should support local business. Love that you are using your art to promote your ideals.

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