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This is geographically relevant to the shed and the spider – these ripening blackberries are growing in between the two on our property.


  1. OOOOhhhh those are my favorite!!

  2. the tiny yumm berries..

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh I seldom see pictures like this. We have berries in our garden but it did not came into my mind that I should take photo of it. Thanks for sharing. Next time I’ll also post pics of my berries. This one is rare. =)

  4. It reminds me my childhood age when i used to eat this at my native. Superb photography.

  5. This pictures also reminds me of our old farm. We have berries and oranges that grows healthy in the farm. Life in the farm does not really require more money unlike in the city. I love to eat fresh berries. ohhhh…I miss this one..

  6. wow blackberries, i love to eat berries. Can i have some? Thanks

  7. I also love berries..Along with all of the other fresh fruits and vegetables the summer season has to offer, I always make sure to include delicious and nutritious berries. Thanks for the post. I do really like this too.

  8. Nice photo. Those blackberries don’t just look good but sure does taste good. I’m also a photographer and I find your shot professionally done. Thanks for sharing it.

  9. I love blackberries. My son eats them right off the vine.

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