Winter Storm

winter storm

For those of you in the Northern hemisphere, it’s pretty warm. Maybe this will cool you down some.

Me, it’s just making me sad. I need to go to the beach or something.


  1. I remember the movie Narnia on that picture. It is an emotional photo; the picture makes me want to sleep or I remember the moment when my heart just got broken. It is a painful one but I’ve learned something about it. Thanks for sharing the photo.

  2. its making me sad too is so chilling no greenery nothing every thing seems to be covered with this white blanket

  3. Wow~ The furniture looks so miniature in fron tof those trees! It surely reminds me of Narnia too!

  4. Here in sweden, we have to live with that kind of snow 4 months out of 12 – every year. It is beautiful but gets boring after a while.

    • Hehe, It’s worse here in Norway where I live. In the town of Bergen – it’s snow year round.

  5. I must give you credit for at beautiful pic. And don’t be sad. If you only have warm clothes you can realy enjoy this kind of weather.

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