On the Widow’s Walk

widow's walk stairs

Our Ocracoke vacation rental had a Widow’s Walk on the roof. Looking down, you really got a sense for how steep it was. But the view was totally worth it… The star photograph was taken with a 50mm lens, just placing the camera on the rail pointed up and pressing the shutter.


  1. the star-studded firmament is remarkable! I am amazed by the beauty of the stars! This looks like a constellation! Is it? I got another song recommendation ‘ Incubus – Wish you were here…

    The sky resembles a back lit canopy
    With holes punched in it
    I’m counting UFOs
    I signal them with my lighter
    And in this moment I am happy…happy..

    have fun~

  2. Definitely filled with constellations, but I find them hard to pick out in this image. The stars are not as sharp as they would be had the image been taken with the camera on a sturdy tripod.

    Thanks for sharing the lyrics!

  3. You are welcome, James!

  4. Star photographs are cool, especially with that kind of camera. What is a widow’s walk?

  5. Wow. What a clear view! Here in Los Angeles, there’s too much smog to see any star in the sky. Good thing my grandma lives in Orange County where it’s cleaner and you can actually see constellations.

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